Zeit: 15.12.2017, 13:00 Uhr
Ort: Raum 072 im Fraunhofer IGD, Fraunhoferstrasse 5, S3|05
Referent: Ahmad Salahuddin (Betreuer: Dirk Siegmund)
Titel: "Vision Based Food Recognition" (Masterarbeit)

Zeit: 15.12.2017, 13:30 Uhr
Ort: Raum 220 im Fraunhofer IGD, Fraunhoferstrasse 5, S3|05
Referent: Daniel Roth (Betreuer: Daniel Weber)
Titel: "Efficient Methods for Nonlinear Materials for Interactive Deformation Simulations based on Finite Elements" (Masterarbeit)

Zeit: 15.12.2017, 14:30 Uhr
Ort: Raum 242 im Fraunhofer IGD, Fraunhoferstrasse 5, S3|05
Referent: Abdul Rehman Zafar (Betreuer: Helmi BenHmida)
Titel: "Enhancing User Experience in Internet of Things systems in terms of Smart Rule Management" (Masterarbeit)
Abstract: The number of devices in the Internet of Things systems is increasing day by day. With this increase in the number of devices, more and more data is being produced everyday. The quality of life of the end user is improving by using this data more efficiently. These data events are used to track any change in the state of smart devices. The applications of such systems include smart homes, health monitoring , traffic monitoring , energy consumption , logistics etc. More sophisticated systems are needed which can make sense of the data and perform right actions. Hence, a rule management layer is needed to effectively process these events. However, in the traditional systems, these programs are only written in the back-end by the developer of the application and are triggered automatically. So the end user of the application never has access or has very minimal interface to view and manage the rules. More human involvement contributes to success of an IoT system. Technically naive users usually view the whole IoT system in terms of user interface. Lacking the ability to visualize the rules greatly reduces the user acceptance of such systems and such systems are more likely to fail. That is why we should bring this rule management part to the front end of the system, rather than the back-end as it always has been in the traditional IoT systems. Thus, we need to increase the human acceptance of such systems by enhancing the user experience with a more user-friendly rule management system. Having such power for an ordinary end user is life changing. This thesis focus on enhanced the the user experience with respect to rules management in IoT systems. This has been done by reducing the complexity for technically naive end users and giving more flexibility to the technical users. This combination enhances the overall user experience and user acceptance with respect to rules management in IoT systems.


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