Photometric Stereo for Outdoor Webcams

Jens Ackermann, Fabian Langguth, Simon Fuhrmann, Michael Goesele
In: Proceedings of CVPR 2012, Providence, USA, June 16-21, 2012. [project website] [pdf 6MB]


High Resolution Acquisition of Detailed Surfaces with Lens-Shifted Structured Light

Martin Ritz, Fabian Langguth, Manuel Scholz, Michael Goesele, André Stork
In: Computers & Graphics, 36, 1, pages 16-27, 2012.


Scene Reconstruction from Community Photo Collections

Michael Goesele, Jens Ackermann, Simon Fuhrmann, Ronny Klowsky, Fabian Langguth, Patrick Muecke, Martin Ritz
In: IEEE Computer, 43, 6. Invited Paper, June 2010.
Master Thesis

Guided Capturing of Multi-view Stereo Datasets
Fabian Langguth, October 2012
Bachelor Thesis

Photometric Stereo for Outdoor Webcams
Fabian Langguth, November 2010